Last Minute Cake #howididit

We’ve all had the odd occasion where we have not been prepared with a gift for a friends birthday and at the last minute you find yourself trying to come up with something great to make their day extra special. Turns out that this happened to me yesterday. I remembered late last night that it was a friends birthday today, but it was too late to go out to buy her a gift. On the way home from work, I decided that the best gift I could give her was an edible one, a cake! After all, I always have cake ingredients in my pantry. I know that my friend loves the more rustic looking cakes, and that’s perfect, as I didn’t have enough time for a fondant covered cake.

She seemed to love her gift, and the feedback on the taste of the cake was all positive, so i guess I did okay!

Take a look at what I came up with, and feel free to share your thoughts 🙂

Classic vanilla cake, with vanilla butter cream filling and a light coat of white chocolate ganache, topped with fresh flowers.

naked cake purple and white


finished naked cake

One thought on “Last Minute Cake #howididit

  1. Voo

    I more than loved this cake Naz! Thank you so much for the beautiful gesture, the delicious cake and you are soooo right.. Nothing beats an edible gift! It tasted amazing!

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