Ramadan Gift Box Idea

Ramadan has got to be one of my favourite times of the year. To welcome in this month and to wish all your Muslim friends and family a blessed Ramadan, why not make them a gift box. These are gift boxes from the Sahebs 2016. Here’s #howididit

Things I used to make the boxes:

Paper Mache boxes from: Eckerslys 

Olive Oil Bottles from: http://www.kellybeans.com.au

Honey Jars from: http://www.kellybeans.com.au

Labels and Stickers from: Vistaprint

Cellophane bags: any discount store

Zam Zam water ( which my father in law brought back for me from his Hajj trip)



Soft Nougat

Putting everything together:

I first filled  the olive oil bottles with Zam Zam Water and the honey jars with honey. I then packed the dates and nougat neatly into the cello bags and stuck on all the stickers and labels to get the finished gift box as shown below.

Thank you for visiting my page and reading this blog. Hopefully this helps you to create beautiful gifts to give to your family and friends to wish them a blessed Ramadan. May the Almighty accept all your Fasts and Duas. Ameen.

The video of #howididit will soon be posted on my Facebook page. Please share with anyone you think might like this idea 🙂 

xx NaZzY BaKeR xx

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