A 25th Wedding Anniversary Cake!

A 25th wedding anniversary is one of the most celebrated wedding anniversaries and is also referred to as the ‘silver anniversary”!

This week I’ve had the absolute honour of making a 25th wedding anniversary cake for my friend Karen and her husband Steve. What a massive achievement!

In this blog, I go through the steps I took to make their cake. Here’s #howididit

Karen asked for a traditional fruitcake which I had never made before. Surprisingly, I made a decent attempt at baking a fruit cake not once, but twice to ensure that this cake would turn out well.

The consistency of the batter concerned me at first, as it seemed very thick due to all the fruit inside. This turns out to be the right consistency for a fruit cake. I used dried fruit mix and peel, and glacé cherries in my fruit cake batter.

Once baked and cooled, I cut the cake in half and sprinkled some syrup onto each half to keep the cake nice and moist.

I filled and coated the cake with white chocolate ganache and covered the cake and board with fondant (steps shown in previous blogs).

Once covered, I started to decorate the cake:

First attaching silver ribbon and silver cachous with sugar glue.

Then cutting out the letters and numbers, and adding a bit of silver sparkle to them using sugar glue and edible glitter.

I used Bake Boss cutters for the letters, which in hindsight I probably shouldn’t have, as it is supposed to be a more classy font. I need to find some new letter cutters, and will definately share in a future blog If I find good ones.

The next step was attaching the edible flowers which I had dusted with a bit of sparkle too.

I used edible metallic silver paint for the branch design on the cake. My paintbrush was a bit thick, but then again, branches do come in all shapes and sizes! 😉 At least I’ll keep telling myself that 😂

Here is the finished cake:

A Video of how I did it will be available to view on Facebook and YouTube shortly. Check it out, and be sure to like and share if you enjoy watching.

A big congratulations to Karen and Steven. Wishing them another 25 years of  love and commitment! ❤️

I hope you have enjoyed this post:) If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me on Facebook messenger, or by email : nazzybaker@gmail.com
xx NaZzYbAkEr xx

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