NaZzY Bakers lime and coconut cake!

When life throws you limes, like it did me over the weekend, zest and juice those babys’ to make the best lime and coconut cake you can make!

Here’s #howididit:

1) I started off by using a coconut cake mix that I bought from my local supermarket. If you would like to make your own from scratch, you can, by using a classic vanilla cake recipe and substituting the vanilla essence for coconut essence, which works just as well.

2) Once the mixture was ready, I added the zest of one lime and gently folded that through the mixture. I then baked the cake according to the box directions.

3) As the cake was cooling  I quickly made a lime and sugar syrup to drizzle over the cake to give it a moist texture, and to enhance the lime flavour. (Recipe card to follow soon). Once cooled, I drizzled it over the cake and let it soak through.

4) I prepared a buttercream recipe with 1kg icing sugar and 400g butter and milk as needed to make the desired texture buttercream. Once prepared, I set aside a bowl with 3 tblsp of buttercream to colour with green food colouring.

5) I covered the cake with the buttercream icing, and smoothed the sides the best I could, with a cake smoother. I then dabbed some green buttercream around the cake, and smoothed the cake with the smoother again to get the following look:

6) I then made a white chocolate ganache for the drip effect and applied that to the top and sides of the cake.

7) Then… For the decorations, I used toasted coconut, white chocolate shards (with coconut and lime zest), white chocolate and coconut truffles, and candied limes.

Here is the finished cake:

I hope you have enjoyed this post:) If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me on Facebook messenger, or by email :

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xx NaZzYbAkEr xx

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