Nazzy Bakers Edible Diwali Gift Idea: Mini Diya Cakes 

After seeing pictures of my Diwali Diya cake from the previous blog post, i had several enquiries from people to recreate the cake for them to give to family and friends as gifts. This is not a service that I usually provide, however, a friend who wanted these cakes to give out as gifts, offered to pay for the cost of making the cakes. Win win! She got the cakes and I got to bake and write this blog post 💕

In this post, i will show you pictures of the step by step process. The baking, ganaching, fondanting and decorating of these cakes was incredibly time consuming, and even more so, since i chose to hand paint all the detail.

If you have ever seen a Diya, you will know that that they have a rustic clay like look. I wanted these cakes to have the imperfections that a typical handpainted clay one would.


Heres how i made them:

  1. I started by making a chocolate mud cake batter.

2. I then sprayed and filled an oven proof bowl.

3) I baked the cakes in a pre-heated oven until cooked.

4) Once cooled, I ganached each cake and shaped them to look like Diya’s. 

(I did not want to smooth the ganache too much as I wanted the Diyas to have a rustic hand made clay type look) 

If you prefer a cleaner look, you can shape the cakes to suit, and then apply a smoother ganache layer.

5) While the ganache set, I covered each cake board with fondant and using an impression roller, rolled a design onto each board.

Using edible paint, I painted over the board, and once dry, used a gold edible paint mixture to paint the impression pattern.

6) I allowed the boards to dry, and in the meantime covered each Diya with fondant. Using a watermelon red edible paint, I painted each Diya Cake and allowed them to dry.

7) Using stencils, I cut out fondant designs to decorate the Diya cakes, and applied them to the cakes once the red paint had dried fully.

8) I chose to use white fondant and hand paint each piece to give the Diya the rustic handmade look. 

Again, this is a matter of preference. My method took a long time, and a tonne of patience. You can use pre coloured fondant to save time, and to give your cakes a cleaner more professional look. 

9) Once all the designs were stuck to the cakes, and the paint was dry, I added a gold bullet candle to each, and added a few piped dots which I  then painted gold.

Herewith the results of my mini Diya cakes:

I hope you have enjoyed this post:) If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me on Facebook messenger, or by email :
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xx NaZzYbAkEr xx


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