Hi, my name is Nazrana, also known as Nazzy Baker. With a passion for food and people, and a degree in Food Science and Nutrition, I was bound to end up sharing my knowledge of food with like minded people.


Originally from Zimbabwe in Africa, I moved to Brisbane, where I completed my tertiary education. I then moved to Sydney, to make a life with my husband, and our 2 children, Lulu and LaiLai, who you will see featured on various Nazzy Baker platforms.


Showcasing multicultural cuisine is the highlight of my journey as Nazzy Baker. Learning about the various cultures represented in Australia and around the world through my Events Calendar, has opened my mind to so many wonderful flavours, and the stories that come with each recipe, have been a bonus.


Having recently published a book for kids who love to cook (Nazzy Bakers Kitchen and Food Safety Rules), I hope to expand my portfolio to one day run courses for children and young adults in the near future.


Follow me on my journey to becoming the next best Baker, on Instagram and Facebook @nazzybaker.








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