Nazzy Bakers Eid Table

Eid is my favorite celebration of the year. It can be difficult to find suitable decorations for Eid every year, and especially considering that we celebrate two Eids annually. With the help of a few websites, and a little know how, i have been able to make Eid truly special for both family and friends alike. From dessert tables, to decorations, to ideas for presents for the kids, to my experiments in the kitchen…  I have learnt a lot with each table i have done. Some have been over the top… some a little tacky. At the end of the day, this is all about having fun, and trying to impart on my kids, a little bit of joy on this special day.

To my followers out there that do not celebrate Eid, these ideas can most certainly be used for other celebrations too! The idea is to spread some joy and to make the best possible memories for generations to come 🙂

Follow this page (dont forget to click on the drop down menu) in the lead up to Eid to see my Eid table planning progress as well as to see the Eid tables i have come up with in the past.

I have tried to include all the suppliers i have used, and will continually blog recipes that i have used along the way.

Feel free to use my ideas, and if you do happen to use them, please tag me in any pictures on Instagram #nazzybaker

Here’s a peek at Eid tables I have come up with over the last few years: