Week 1 – Eid Plan (theme, decorations and organizing supplies)

You may be asking yourself why I am planning Eid weeks in advance. With a full time job, 2 kids and a household to run, I really need to be super organised when it comes to planning events. Even then, sometimes I run short of time and sadly can’t do everything that I’ve planned.

Week 1 for me is all about putting my ideas on paper, and then shopping for all the craft items I need to pull the event off.

I am always conscious of the amount of money I spend, as I would rather my money go to charity… having said that, I do still want to give my kids the best Eid I can give them every year. Over the years I have managed to collect lolly jars, vases, candle holders and other glassware. I purchased all of these from discount variety stores, and never pay more than $10 for any item. Cheap? Maybe… but it works. And… with proper care, I’ve been able to use them year in and year out.

Let’s begin:

1) Theme:

After much deliberation, I have decided that the theme that I would like for this year is: floral.

2) Printables:

Floral backdrop purchased from:


Printed at office works in size BO

Matching Water bottle labels created with ‘paint’:

Eid Water Bottle Labels

Buy the water bottles early and remove the original label. Once printed, cut out the Eid labels and stick them to the bottle using double sided tape. You may need to trim these labels depending on the size of your water bottles.

3) Food Lists:

At this point, I’m starting to plan what food I will set out on my savoury and sweet tables. This way, it’s easier to come up with shopping lists for ingredients.

4) Orders:

If there is anything that’s I need to order online, this is the week to do it, allowing ample time for delivery.

This year I have ordered:

Eid Mubarak Acrylic Cake Topper from Urban Words Australia  http://www.urbanwordsaustralia.com.au/cake-toppers-c108/religious-cake-toppers-c113/acrylic-cake-topper—eid-mubarak-p1542/#.WT9Tp_n5hhE

Edible Images to match my printables from Edible Image Printing http://www.edibleimageprinting.com.au/topper-templates/?gclid=CNDzwIbpudQCFdcEKgodT5IF0Q

Mini Tubs of Fairy Floss from Under the Cotton Tree                                               http://www.underthecottontree.com.au/

5) Organising glass displays, jars and serving ware:

Whilst it’s still too early to determine what I will use on my tables, at this stage I am organising all my serving ware and displays. Cleaning them, making sure nothing is chipped, and also trying to come up with an idea in my head as to how I will set my table up. Even drawing a rough sketch at times can help.

Now that I have a rough idea as to what my table is going to look like, I can continue with every day activities feeling a little more at ease.

I hope you have enjoyed this post:) If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me on Facebook messenger, or by email : nazzybaker@gmail.com

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xx NaZzYbAkEr xx