Week 3 Eid Plan

Week 3 of my Eid planning had me focussed mainly on food items I could prepare ahead of time. There is still a week to go till Eid and therefore the only things that can be made in advance are things that can be frozen. I teamed up with my mother in law for a night of Samosa making on Saturday night, and prepared a good 130 of the tasty bites which were frozen to fry on Eid Day.

Both homes are open homes on Eid day, so we never know how many people will come visit. That’s the most fun part 😉 although… my mother in law might beg to differ!

Next, we made the Gulab Jamuns. We usually prepare these sweet dumplings a week prior, in order for them to soak up all the sugar syrup so that they are deliciously moist on the day. A good 100 or so of those… and we were set for the next lot of cooking.

The time had come for Nazzy Bakers array of assorted burfi! All hands on deck… I had Lulu and LaiLai chopping cranberries, my father in law chopping pistachios and macadamias and my mother in law crushing butterscotch lollies.

This week was also my week to organise Eid gifts. This year I gave out bags of Nazzy Bakers Chocolate Overload Mix with an Eid Mubarak label. Lulu and LaiLai gave their friends a mini tub of fairy floss and an Eid card each 💕. Their teachers all got a box of Nazzy Bakers burfi.

With all that done,  the last thing I planned to do was to get the kids Eid attire sorted, hung up and ready to wear.

Thats it for week 3 😊 Join me for a Day by Day progress report all of next week as we get closer to Eid 😊

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