Week 4 – Eid Plan

This week has had me down with a cold, writing selection criteria for a job application, working 4 days and doing bits and bobs here and there for Eid.

With only 3 full days to go before Eid I will be cramming a lot of progress pics on this post daily, so keep checking in to see what’s new.

Day 1:

  • Hang up the back drop and position serving tables.
  • iron and lay out table cloths
  • Organise flowers into appropriate Vases or displays and position on tables.
  • Position empty serving wear to get an idea of what food you will serve and how and where you will place it all.
  • If you plan on baking a custom decorated Eid cake, tonight’s a good night to bake it. It will leave enough time for it to cool, ganache and fondant the following day.
  • Organise plastic serving and drinking  ware and colour coordinate if applicable.
  • organise tea and coffee trays with sugar sticks, tea bags, coffee sachets and foam cups.
  • Tidy up cupboards and draws if necessary.
  • write a list of all the last minute things you will need to buy.
  • organise all decorations and hang some up if appropriate
  • distribute Eid gifts to neighbors and friends